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Making your event GREAT!

event management solutions

Typically, the modules forming the core of required services are:

    •    Site assessment

    •    Registration Solutions and Management

    •    Strategy and concept development

    •    Event planning, programming and scheduling

    •    Budget monitoring

    •    On-site management

    •    Logistics and operations

    •    Communications and marketing

    •    Social programme and add-on events

    •    Evaluation and post-event analysis

Whether you need to organise a meeting of any size or find a unique venue for executive/senior management staff, or even a retreat to develop company strategy - Shift Ideas can help you organise an event to remember.

We can supply Specialised Tech / AV Equipment and Staging, Décor, Entertainers, Guest Speakers, Delegate Registration, Workshop Allocation… in fact everything down to the last name badge, to achieve the highly successful conference or event you’re thinking of right now!

Call us for some great event ideas or, complete our enquiry form where we will revert within 24 hours of receiving your request.


In order to perfectly plan your event or function, Shift Ideas will build a thorough understanding of your requirements, goals and objectives. We will then present a total turnkey solution for the management of your particular event or provide part assistance with a solution that compliments the resources you have in-house.


Through our extensive range of event services, we are able to successfully support you in communicating with both existing and potential new customers.

Shift Ideas provides a modular approach to each project, developed out of the requirements of our clients. Whatever the project requirements are, our approach enables you to select easily the types of support and services required to organise a successful event. After a project briefing meeting we will work closely with you to assess requirements and prepare a detailed tailor-made proposal specific to your needs.

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