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Making your event GREAT!

virtual event solutions

Shift Ideas can create the perfect virtual event platform for you, completely bespoke to your specific needs.

We integrate a wide range of industry–leading solutions to deliver the experience your customers and colleagues need.


Our solutions may be tailored for many types of events, including:

  • Congresses and Conferences

  • Product Launches

  • Digital Roadshows

  • Virtual AGM's

  • Team Buildings

  • Internal Meetings

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Town Halls and Presentations

  • Webinars




Bespoke to your requirements

We will ensure the best platform is used to deliver your event to the highest standard, at the most cost-effective price, accounting for your existing systems (where relevant), and honed specifically to deliver your virtual event objectives.


Intuitive & easy to use

We believe the customer journey begins and ends with your brand. We’ll help and advise you on how to make your virtual event a seamless extension of your brand experience, both within and outside of the event.



Rest assured that the solutions we provide will be secure and compliant.


The solutions we work with cover the full spectrum of virtual event types, size and complexity.


The analytics behind virtual events are extensive.  We will identify the most salient data types with you at the outset and provide you with event data analysis during and after the event.

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